May 20, 2011

BeBands & BellaBands

These are maternity bands that you wear over your too-tight-unbuttoned-regular or too-loose-maternity jeans/shorts/skirts. You layer them so it looks like you are wearing a tank top underneath your shirt and they hold up your jeans.



Thoughts Before the Purchase: I had never heard of maternity bands until I went to a garage sale. The lady was selling a lot of used baby and maternity clothes. I asked her if she had any stretch pants because I was having trouble fitting into my jeans, skirts, shorts, etc. She asked me if I had any maternity bands and tried to explain what they were to me. I had never heard of such thing. She ran inside and grabbed a pair she didn't think to put in the sale and gave it me. At the time I was wearing a longer shirt over an unbuttoned skirt so I was really excited about ending this problem. I've had to be careful not to lift up my shirt, exposing myself/my underwear, and taking away my dignity so I gladly bought them!

Pros [after use]:
Very comfortable
Available in neutral colors [white, black, beige, etc] to easily coordinate with shirts
Retains elasticity and doesn't stretch out or become too loose
Doesn't ride up and expose you
Hides belly button if you pull it up over it! [I love it when it isn't protruding so far out... I don't like hearing daily comments on how people can see my belly button!]
I'm about 32 weeks pregnant and I can still wear my regular jeans with these! Just purchasing one or two of these bands is a money saver itself because I don't plan on buying any maternity bottoms.
I vote this to be the Best Maternity Accessory ever!

Cons [after use]: 
None, except for the general problem of trying to maintain balance while slipping one foot into the band and then the next foot without falling over! [This is the same issue I have when putting on pants, jeans, skirts, baby bump gets in the way!]

*I have not noticed any difference in practicality between BeBands and Bellabands. I own one of each. You can see in the chart that there are a few differences between the two brands though.

BeBand BellaBand
Cheaper, $16.99 at Target More Expensive, $26.99 at
Thinner Material [72% Nylon, 21% Spandex] Thicker Material [84% Nylon, 16% Spandez]
Regular Style Regular Style & Lace Trimmed

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