May 10, 2011

What Do Baby Kicks Feel Like?

Before I could feel my baby move in my belly, I was always curious to know what women meant when they asked, "Do you feel flutters?" or "Do you feel the butterflies yet?" I didn't have a clue and I was dying to find out fast. I wanted to be included in this special moment that so many pregnant women were experiencing. The only thing I felt at 16 weeks pregnant was pressure in my lower abdomen, which many times turned out to be excess gas. Once or twice a week, I began feeling "something" in my belly. This "something" I knew to be the baby but I also thought my mind was playing tricks on me.
For any ladies in the same situation as I was, Have No Fear! You will feel tremendous amounts of movement sooner than you expect. I am currently in my first pregnancy and it took a good 20 weeks before I really began feeling my baby. Just try your best to be patient [very difficult I know!] and give your baby some time to grow! I am 30 weeks pregnant now and I will try to give you a better explanation of what these baby movements feel like.

Baby Movements are like...
  • The feeling you get going down a roller coaster but much shorter. 
  • Someone is kicking you or giving you an elbow shove from the inside. [High chance this is actually happening!]
  • Someone is smoothing out the inside of your belly with a door knob or end of a rolling pin.
  • A baseball being pushed against & rolled around on the inside of your belly.
  • A bunch of rustle & bustle deep down without touching the surface of your belly.
  • Someone is flicking you on the inside.
  • Something is trying to push itself outside of you. [When the movement gets further up near my ribs, I especially feel this way!]
Everyone begins feeling fetal movements at different times during their pregnancy. These feelings vary from person to person, so if you are already experiencing fetal movements and our feelings don't compare, don't worry. I'd be interested in hearing other comparisons for what these movements feel like. I have never felt "flutters" but I honestly think the movements compare to having butterflies in your stomach. Regardless, feeling my baby move is by far my favorite thing about being pregnant!

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