May 16, 2011

"Just Wait Until...!" [Experienced Moms Trying To Scare New Preggos]

Almost everyday at least one person I know (or don't know for that matter) comes up and talks to me about my pregnancy. It's now definitely obvious that I am pregnant with my thirty pound weight increase particularly in my stomach area. People begin with either "Ohh how far along are you?" or "So do you know if it's a boy or girl yet?" No biggie. I don't mind repeating the same thing over and over everyday. (Really, I don't mind!) The part when I become unsure about the conversation is when they continue with "Just wait until..." Just wait until what? I get even fatter? Feel more like a cow? Want to die or simply regret this pregnancy bliss during labor?? Please indulge me.

This has been going on since day one of telling the world that I am soon to birth a child. I'm not sure if "once-pregnant, current-moms" are trying to scare me and make me feel bad or if they are genuinely trying to be friendly by preparing me for the worst. I'm CoNFuSed!

Now, so far everything is going okay but...
Yes, it's getting more and more difficult to breathe. Sometimes I stop what I am doing just to concentrate on breathing so I don't have a panic attack!
Yes, I have to go to the bathroom every twenty minutes, sometimes every five.
Yes, I have gained weight I never thought I could.
Yes, it's getting harder to bend over and I fatigue easily.
Yes, I am losing money because I have to buy essentials for a baby. And you're probably right, having a girl will empty my pockets faster.
Yes, yes, yes.

But at 31 weeks...
I am still waiting for the summer heat and humidity to bother me worse than it did before.
I am still waiting for extreme foot pains and swelling to the point of not being able to walk.
I am still waiting for the back aches and sciatic nerve pain to put me on bed rest.
I am still waiting to wobble everywhere I go instead of walk.
I am still waiting for the cute baby tosses, turns, and kicks to hurt so badly, actually breaking my ribs.
I am still waiting for the miserable weeks of not being able to sleep at night. (Doesn't this come after the baby's born?)
I am still waiting for the worst pain I'll ever feel in my whole life during delivery.
I am still waiting for the doctors to stab my spine with a huge needle and insert an IV in my arm.
(Don't even get me started on the "I am still waiting for my child to do this" list)
Please! Can the time come any sooner? I'M STILL WAITING! What is the point of all this fear and hatred being cast towards me, a very happy, first time pregnant, young woman? Can't a girl face pregnancy in peace? Is it because I am in my early twenties? Am I too young to be pregnant? Should I regret this choice I have made? The negative side-effects of pregnancy do not have to be reinforced daily. Every pregnancy experience is supposed to be different. So if you find yourself rambling off all your daunting experiences you hated during pregnancy, just save them for someone who specifically asks for this harassment. Don't frighten inexperienced pregnant women. That's just mean. I'm sure my time will come. After all, I still have nine more weeks to go. Once I am holding my baby girl, I will do a follow up post stating whether or not these just-wait-untils actually happened.

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