May 30, 2011

Lay on Your Belly at the Beach [while pregnant]

Today was the perfect 85 degree beach day. It was sunny without a single cloud in the sky. I was out walking around in my new bikini sporting my baby bump, big and proud. There's nothing better you can do at 33 weeks pregnant. Of course it's only Memorial Day so the water in Lake Michigan was only 53 degrees... Needless to say I only dipped my toes in the water once but I still got some good sun. I was thinking that laying out in the sun wasn't going to be as fun and relaxing as anticipated because #1 I can't lay on my belly and #2 I can't lay on my back without difficulty breathing! My sister gave me the solution. Dig a hole. We were just joking around with the idea at first until I decided it could really be a good idea. I lifted up the sheet we were laying on and dug a hole big enough to cradle my belly. Then I put the sheet over top of the hole and laid down on my belly with it being in the hole. Pure Genius. I laid comfortably on my stomach for the first time in 5 months. The best part was I could relax in the sun at the same time. If anyone is pregnant during the summer, I highly recommend showing off your baby bump and laying out in the sun at the beach. My only advice is to ignore the stares or smile back politely, put on your sunscreen, and drink lots of water. You'll have an excellent time!

FYI- Soon I will share actual pictures of myself through my pregnancy journey. [in case you were interested]

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