April 6, 2012

Family Day Trip to Saugatuck, Michigan

Can you bring an 8 month old baby on a day long bike trip? 

We debated for a few weeks on whether or not we wanted to bring Miss A with us to Saugatuck. We were planning to go biking around the downtown area and look through all the cute boutiques there. At first, we immediately tried to get a babysitter thinking it would be more enjoyable without worrying if Miss A was going to fuss and cry throughout the trip. But when our babysitters backed out, we decided it could be a fun family trip... or at least a good experience for Miss A, whether or not she enjoyed it. So we packed up our things... [bikes, bike trailer, stroller, Miss A's baby food & formula, bottle, diapers, wipes, extra sweatshirts, socks, blankets, dozens of baby toys, pacifiers, and everything else...] And off we went.

While I drive I have a cute little face peeking up at me. It is absolutely irresistible. It makes me want to stop, park my car and just chill in the car...

We didn't even drive for two minutes and Miss A passed out. Nap time! The timing could not have been more perfect. She would be well rested by the time we got to Saugatuck. [about an hour away with including our coffee stop] First stop was Panera Bread! It is the closest thing to a Belgium or French bakery that I have found. I ran in and grabbed us some coffee and bagels AND un Pain Au Chocolat. :) Delicious.

As soon as we parked, I fed Miss A some sweet potatoes and peaches. 

We sat in the grass while daddy readied our bikes.

Miss A was riding in luxury. She had a windbreaker [clear plastic over the screen], two fuzzy, warm blankets, and a big bag of toys at her side!

I was really excited to stop at this park! Miss A had so many new things to experience.


Cute pictures of Miss A & daddy by this cool little worm statue!


After some biking, we switched to walking around town so we could easily browse through shops. It was the perfect time for snack time! [For Miss A anyways!]

I love Saugatuck! It's very pretty... can't wait to return in summer. The scenery will be breathtaking! This picture below is by far my favorite! Miss A was having fun looking and smelling the flowers. 

We stopped at the Butler Restaurant, which is one of the oldest buildings there that has been continuously in use. 

Afterwards, we had one more stop. Allé Rue. Earlier I had seen a french boutique that I desperately needed to look through! I am in love with everything French... so it was necessary. 

 Miss A did so good for so long! And then the frown came...

Then the tears...  :(

Then it was NAP TIME. So back to the car we went for a tour of the Lake Michigan Coastline. 

Oval Beach

 Lots of Dunes

We drove along this road that followed the shoreline... These are some examples of the houses we passed. Crazy. And not fair that they get to wake up to this beautiful view every morning!

To answer my first question, YES! You can bring 8 month old babies on day trips. We had the best of luck with timing. The nap times in the car were essential and key to making it all work out happily. This trip couldn't have been better! :)


  1. It looks like you had so much fun! Amelia is adorable :) Mike and I enjoy going to Saugatuck as well, there's so much to look at.

  2. Hi Monica,
    My name is Jane and I'm with Dwellable.
    I was looking for blogs about Saugatuck to share on our site and I came across your post...If you're open to it, shoot me an email at jane(at)dwellable(dot)com.
    Hope to hear from you soon!


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