April 2, 2012

Absolute Best Part of Motherhood (so far)

Tonight Miss A did something I will never forget. From now on I will only yearn for more and more of this type of behavior!

She was having a really bad night. Her gums were hurting her because she has been teething lately and they especially hurt tonight. She spent the night at grandma's house so she was over tired from all the extra attention from my mom, step dad, sister, brother, dog, cat, and rats. There was lots to do and she didn't get much sleep thanks to a barking dog. So when I finally put her in her crib at 11pm, for some reason she just didn't sleep. She cried on and off for about 15 minutes until I went in there to give her a new toy to look at while she falls asleep. It didn't work. She kept on crying so I checked her diaper and applied more teething gel and tried to put her to sleep again. It didn't work so I took her out of her crib. She sounded miserable and I was not going to let her cry in there for the rest of the night. [This is NOT the behavior I desire more of... ]

When I had her in my arms, she did the cutest thing ever. She wrapped her arms around me and laid her head on my chest. I wrapped a blanket around us and sat in our rocking chair. She kept clinging to me and I sang her some bedtime lullabies. It was the sweetest thing she has ever done. Right when I hoping she was going to start cuddling more often (like she did when she was a newborn), she started wiggling around and the moment was over.

This moment alone is the reason why motherhood is so special. She has laid her head on my chest before and briefly cuddled but nothing like she did tonight. It was sincere and she needed me there to comfort her. This is the kind of love that makes the world go 'round. This is why I wanted to have a baby. I wanted someone to love and be there for. The love in return is just added bliss to each and every day.

I love my baby girl.


  1. So sweet :) and yes, you will never forget those moments.

  2. This made me tear-up! You're such an awesome mom, she'll love you that much, always. She may keep it a secret sometimes though. :)


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