March 3, 2014

My Moby Wrapped Babies

Moby Wraps are suitable for babies weighing 5-35 pounds. I have a 13lb baby boy and a 35lb baby girl. I will only be using my Moby Wrap for the little one though! My big girl's long legs would probably get in the way of things if I used it for her! Plus, she probably weighs a little over 35lbs now anyways.

Look at my Moby Wrapped babies!! 

It wasn't as hard to put the wrap on as people say... However, I will have to memorize and use the instructions a few more times to make sure I wrap the little one correctly. I don't think my big girl is wrapped comfortably against me as you can tell from the pictures!!

I have lots of plans for this wrap! As soon as winter is over, I want to carry Oliver throughout the zoo, fair, mall, park, etc! That way I can easily watch and stroll Miss A too and keep Oliver snug tight next to me. I'm excited to try other carrying positions too. =)

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