March 3, 2014

How Fast Do You Lose Weight Postpartum? [My Experience]

I gained a whopping forty pounds during my first and second pregnancies. The weight all came off very quickly and easily after my first pregnancy. The same thing is happening with my second pregnancy's postpartum period. This second time around, I have been recording the numbers to entertain my curiosity. Keep in mind that everyone's bodies are different but here are my results so far. My son was born January 1, 2014, so it has been two months since his birth.

Really pregnant! And 2 months after delivery-- excludes the sucking in tummy nonsense ;)
Pre-Pregnancy Weight: 135 pounds
39 Weeks Pregnant: 176 pounds
Total Weight Gain: 41 pounds

3 days after delivery: Lost 20lbs (156lbs)
6 days after delivery: Lost 6 more pounds (150lbs)
2 weeks after delivery: Lost 2 more pounds (148lbs)
1 month after delivery: Lost 2 more pounds (146lbs)
6 weeks after delivery: Lost 2 more pounds (144lbs)
2 months after delivery (Current Weight): Gained 2 pounds (146lbs)

Two months after delivery, I am still up 11 pounds. I have not been exercising so the only weight loss activity I do is breastfeeding. Since my weight has gone up, I feel I am at a standstill. That is essentially my cue to start exercising again! You should not stop exercising to begin with but as we all know... life happens and exercise takes an unfortunate step down our priority lists.

All this weight gain and body destruction is a small price to pay for creating such an adorable creature!


  1. So adorable! Congrats! and you look awesome! My daughter is 13 months old ( my first ) and I'm still struggling to lose the weight. I gained a whopping 80 lbs.


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