March 9, 2014

A Little Insight into Having a Baby

Every woman who gets pregnant goes through a huge body and mind transformation. The first battle occurs gradually as the baby grows larger and larger inside the womb. The body stretches and expands in ways never thought imaginable to make room for the new life. Emotions rise to a whole new level of craziness as extra hormones are being produced at intense rates. Never before felt aches and pains strike hard. A woman's body is made for this but the mind is not prepared!

Eventually, the baby decides he is ready to be born. The body turns into a human machine and cranks out the baby regardless if the mother's mind is ready to battle this excruciating pain. (And the mother's mind is never ready for this battle.) Without it ever feeling possible, the woman's body actually succeeds and a baby is born. 

But the woman's body is not done changing. Postpartum recovery is an unanticipated third battle. Cramping occurs with every feeding to shrink the uterus back into place. The skin decides to take its sweet time tightening back against the body. The hormonal surge seems to never end and it creates a monster within thanks to sleep deprivation caused by the new baby. Depression, anxiety, anger, crying spells, and traumatic what-if scenarios come and go as they please.

And when the new baby starts sleeping longer and the mind starts to feel sane again, the hair starts falling out.

That, my friends, is where I am at now! Hooray for having babies! Good thing they are so stinkin' cute and cuddly. 

Flower & Fox Cousins

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