March 4, 2014

Giveaway: One Year iParent.TV Subscription


What is iParent.TV? 
It is a yearly, subscription-based website for teaching and informing parents on all things tech, mobile, devices, websites, and apps to keep children safe on the internet.

Why subscribe? 
I feel that I am well educated about what happens on the internet. However, the internet is large and it is almost impossible to keep up on the ever changing technology. I expect this new platform will help me to teach my children about internet safety. iParent.TV will offer access to hundreds of videos, reviews, how-tos, and live chat support to help parents understand what is safe and what is not safe in the world of tech. It will offer expert advice on everything related to popular apps, social network sites, major websites, and top devices. When you have a two year who is already using your phone and laptop to play internet based games, you know how easily it will be for them to wander throughout the internet on their own. A two year old is extremely smart. The younger they start to use the internet, the faster they will find trouble.

The $49 annual subscription includes a password and login to the access the site's information on what is new in the world of tech and how it affects your family. There will be ratings and rankings on which platforms are safe for kids and age ranges so you know if a site is safe for very young children.

Enter below for your chance to win a free subscription! In the unfortunate event that you are not chosen and you are still interested in subscribing, they are currently offering a pre-launch discount of $29 for the year subscription at on IndieGoGo.
You can also visit iParent.TV for more information on their services.

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**I am receiving a year subscription to announce the upcoming launch of iParent.TV this June 2014.**


  1. I like that it keeps kids safe and parents informed!

    1. Hey, thanks for entering Melissa!! =)) I'm looking forward to them launching their website.


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