April 20, 2012

V-Tech Sit to Stand Pink Activity Walker

This past Christmas Miss A received this totally awesome pink activity walker made by V-Tech. She hasn't been able to use it in the standing position until recently. Before she pounded on the top piano/activity center while it was on the floor. (And I do mean pound. Anything to hear that dang cow or lion talk!) Now that Miss A is 9 months old, we let her stand by it and play with all the gadgets and buttons attached to it. Since she her legs are still pretty wobbly, I still remain close by while she plays. The toy itself is fairly stable. I've only seen her tip it forward once or twice. It has breaks on the bottom so it won't roll forward. I'll lift the breaks once she starts walking or taking a few steps by herself. The best part of this product is that it is an educational toy. It promotes learning colors, numbers, animals, and traffic safety ("Look Both Ways!" and "Go Slow!") not only in English but in Spanish as well. I am even learning some animals in Spanish-- pretty cool for the parents passionate about foreign language. (That's us!) She really loves this toy because she is able to stand and play... and that's exciting! It's something new. Sounds silly but it's huge for her. Look at all her excitement!

Miss A is fully entertained by the V-Tech Sit to Stand Pink Activity Walker


Thanks for reading!
xx Monica xx

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