July 6, 2011

My Pregnancy Experience with RAGE

For the 4th of July, Bill & I decided to watch the fireworks in downtown GR. I was excited for the large crowd and beautiful fireworks display. While overall I had a great time and enjoyed myself, I had several episodes of intense rage that I can only explain by saying PREGNANCY HORMONES.

 First off, we arrived a little late around 8:00pm. So we knew that we would have a difficult time finding a place to sit and watch the fireworks. There were tens of thousands of people there. [That's the best number I could find.] I wasn't really concerned with finding the best seat this year. All I wanted was some elephant ears and/or cotton candy! We settled with a large $6 bag of cotton candy. Ha... :/

Anyways, what really upset me were all the obnoxious people that were everywhere! I felt like there were hundreds of greasy teenagers in their own little cliques staring at me in disgust. Some of them would blankly stare at me as if they had never seen a pregnant woman in their life. How rude... They didn't bother me the most though. After we found a spot to sit down by the river, a mother decided to give her little boy a billion snap pops to throw right next to us. Unfortunately I had a slight headache and found these to be incredibly irritating. He was throwing these snap pops next to us, many of them hitting Bill's legs for a good half hour! And the mother kept opening more and more boxes of them... I wanted to strangle her. She could have made the kid throw them a little further away from us... So she triggered some of my rage... I was so mad that I didn't know what to do.

Then later around 10:30pm, the fireworks started and all was fine except the giant tree blocking our view. I really didn't mind the tree... it was fine. But 10 minutes into the show, these guys walked over and stood right in front of us. There were several of us sitting down and they STOOD in front of our view. I wanted to get up and punch them. I have never felt such a strong urge to punch someone and be violent. I cursed a little and ended up standing up. I wanted to hit them with my water bottle too! I was PISSED. Anyways, I ended up doing nothing... and just tried to enjoy the rest of the fireworks display, which I did enjoy.

So there are some of my hormonal issues/breakouts that are definitely due to my pregnancy! I am kinda shocked at how intense my anger had built up. I can't really explain how mad I was... but I was mad. I'm glad I don't normally think so violently.


  1. That was quite entertaining...as women we can all relate to what hormones do to us! Hope you're feeling good.

  2. lol I can't see you getting violent, so that must have been a huge 'mone surge you got!

  3. who are you "pixelsword'? lol I tried looking at your profile but there's no info.


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