July 16, 2011

Oh No! I Can't Find Time to Post!

My daughter, Miss A was born six days ago on July 10, 2011. She is very healthy and we are doing well. I have many post ideas that I want to write about but finding the time to write has become difficult. In my spare time [anytime she sleeps], I have to make a huge decision on whether I will sleep with her or whether I will clean up around the house and take care of myself. I have not been able to manage time for my hobbies yet, so bear with me. I intend on posting my birth story and an entire post dedicated to her newborn pictures. I also want to write on breastfeeding, sleep deprivation [oh yeah], after-pregnancy emotions, and more... I am feeling energy to write more today. It just depends on whether or not Miss A takes a long nap soon!

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