July 1, 2011

Need to look Sexy @37w5d Pregnant? [Bachelorette Party to Attend!]


Just Kidding! But really, I have tried on everything in my closet and have come up with only a few pieces of clothing that are supposed to make me look sexy. This may be an easy task for someone who regularly buys maternity clothing... but I have only purchased a BeBand & BellaBand to help me continue wearing my jeans. So trying to find my sexy outfits, which are generally too tight to begin with, (without being pregnant!) was challenging.
I decided to skip out on my dresses all together. The only dresses that look and feel great on me are the flowy, more casual styles.
I was going to wear a white skirt but the skirt doesn't zip up all the way and I couldn't find a shirt that would cover the zipper and match the skirt appropriately.
Moving on.
I have a really flashy navy blue sequin cardigan... but I couldn't find anything to wear underneath it besides this super sexy black lace tank that made it impossible to breathe in...

And I tried on more & more until I settled with this outfit. I will call it my Charlotte Russe Outfit because everything besides the undergarments comes from Charlotte Russe. [Even though all of it was bought at Plato's Closet...hehe]

See-Through Purple Sequin Tank
Lace Purple Tank layered beneath [gives me an extra sexy feeling even though you can't really see it!]
Dark Gray Lace Cardigan 
Light Gray Dress Shorts [that do NOT zip...]
Large Black Beaded Tear Drop/Hooped Earrings

Don't be fooled.. I'm def 37wks, but this pic is doing a decent job hiding that fact! 
My overall opinion? It's not really sexy... I'm trying to be sexy with the sequin top but the shorts make me look too casual. Regardless I have ran out of patience trying to figure out what to wear! For goodness sake, there is a live human baby growing inside me right now! Give me a break... :D

BUT, I still have to figure out what I'm going to do with my hair... It kinda has a nice wavy/curly look today but of course it's down pouring right now and I don't anticipate that it will stop anytime soon. Maybe an updo? Updos are sexy...

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