July 6, 2011

Anyone Thinking About Getting Pregnant? [Here's my experiences so far.]

Here is a list of all the pregnancy symptoms I have experienced up to this point in my pregnancy. My intention is NOT to scare you but give you a real example of what you could experience. 

  • Nausia-
    • First 11 weeks.
    • When I didn't eat enough or if I ate too much randomly throughout my pregnancy
    • If I didn't eat enough while taking my prenatal vitamins & iron supplements
    • Randomly just because (though not often, only a handful of times after 11 weeks)
  • Vomiting- only once or twice
  • Soreness of Breasts- only a couple weeks in first trimester
  • Enlargement of Breasts
  • Darkening of Areolas
  • Frequent Urination
  • Increase in Libido- always a plus for a woman :D
  • Fatigue-
    • First Trimester- I took lots of naps.
    • Third Trimester- Now, I look back at my first trimester as if the fatigue I experienced then was a joke. I am much, much more exhausted now than before. Even when I sleep the whole night, I'm still EXHAUSTED. [That's definitely the right word!]
  • Food Aversions- I've had more food aversions than cravings. I could not look at meat for the first trimester. I haven't had a big appetite for the majority of my pregnancy.
  • Strange Cravings-
    • First 11 weeks I ate a lot of fruit, but I think that was due to nausea and my inability to stomach anything else.
    • For 2 weeks straight I craved pie. I don't like pie or desserts very much...
    • Lately, I've been craving ice cream and sweets. Again, I'm not a "sweets" person...
  • Colostrum from Breasts- Around 5 months, I noticed I was lactating a little bit.
  • Emotional Mess-
    • Mood swings most severe in first trimester
    • Lots of pointless tears & sob sessions
    • Rage- I have never wanted to hurt strangers/people more! I will tell you my Fourth of July experience next post... :/
  • Stretch Marks- I didn't notice mine until someone pointed them out. I think I got them towards the end of my second trimester on my sides.
  • Extra Gas- Embarrassing, but especially in my second trimester I just couldn't hold it in!
  • Increased Discharge- Started around 35 weeks. Maybe later-- but there's definitely an increase.
  • Vaginal Pain- Sharp pain "deep within". It's due to the baby settling further down into my pelvis. 
  • Shortness of Breath- This really started up in my third trimester. I'm winded every time I walk up the three staircases to my apartment.
  • Bleeding Gums- I've noticed my gums bleed more when I brush my teeth.
  • Backache- My lower back started hurting more & more as I got further into the third trimester
  • Slower Movements- I can't move as fast as I could before... it's annoying, especially since I've basically been in good shape my whole life.
  • Difficulty Sleeping
    • Insomnia- During my second trimester, I found myself getting only 4-5 hours of sleep or just not being able to sleep more than 8-9 hours. This was definitely abnormal for me because I used to sleep 11-12 hours straight!
    • Uncomfortable- I just can't find a good sleep position anymore. This really started to be problematic a week ago (at 37 weeks).
  • Heartburn- Very Minimal... nothing more than the normal few times I've experienced it before being pregnant.
  • Nasal Congestion- Since the beginning of the third trimester, I've felt like I've had a constant case of the "sniffles".
  • Weight Gain- I was always paranoid about becoming "puffy" but most of my weight gain is concentrated in my stomach area. I've gained a healthy 35lbs and have leveled off at 162lbs for a good month now.
  • Swelling- My hands & feet occasionally become swollen. I do yoga poses & drink water, which help control it. This started in my third trimester.
  • Difficulty Putting Pants On- :D just during this last trimester because of my big belly.
  • Light Headed & Dizziness- If I bend over & come up too fast, I get light headed. I stand up slower to avoid this. 
  • Shinier Hair- Not always, but my hair looks like it could be in a shampoo commercial :D
I feel like I am missing a bunch of random symptoms. I will update this post as soon as I remember more symptoms or experience more of them.

I have not experienced [knock on wood!] some common symptoms like constipation, hemorrhoids, nose bleeds, blotchy skin, varicose veins, frequent headaches, or excessive hair growth in not-so-nice places.

I am still waiting for my water to break, contractions to come, or even Braxton Hicks contractions [false labor contractions]! I've never before been excited about feeling intense pain... obviously I'm not excited for the intense pain but kinda! It means I will meet my baby girl soon!!

For more of my pregnancy experiences, read the 10 Things I Love About Pregnancy and the 10 Things I Hate About Pregnancy

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