December 5, 2013

My Two Year Old: Kids Say The Darndest Things -- Part I

Cliche, but true... Kids say the darndest things. I am working on a list of all the funny things my two year old has said to me.

  • "Mmmmm! It's egg cheese!" Pointing at the egg yolk on her plate.
  • "I gotta be careful. Don't wanna give mama a headache." She says after spilling my coupon book all over the floor.
  • "I like mama's blues!" She says while pointing at my chest. 
  • "What are those?" Pointing to my chest (different day) "Breasts" I say. "Pink breasts! Dark pink breasts!"
  • "Look at my pumpkin nails!" referring to her newly painted orange nails.
  • "When I get bigger I can have coffee too."
  • "When I get bigger I can go to work too."
  • "When I get bigger I can wear bras too."
  • "When I get bigger I can have hot sauce too... but not now."
  • "When I get bigger I can change a light bulbs. But not now, I'm tooo little. I'll burn my fingers off."
  • "Mama's having a baby doo doo!" instead of baby boy.
  • "Don't say no! That's naughty. Say no thank you!"
  • "Shit. Shit. Shit. Nooo... don't say shit. That's a naughty word. Don't say naughty words!" She was playing quietly and I overheard her saying this to herself.
  • "I wanna color with my maggot doodle." instead of MagnaDoodle.
  • "Maggots" instead of magnets.
  • "Mommy! Look at my tootsie pops!" (toes)
  • "AHHHH!!" (Why are you yelling?) "I don't know. AHHHHH!!" (laughs hysterically) 
  • "I CRUKED ON IT. I almost CRUKED my stool! I almost cruked it mama" (no clue)
  • "I don't want butter. I want cheese butter!" 
  • "What's a shit?!" *pause* "It's a BIGGG BOATT!" 
  • =)

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