December 13, 2013

Third Trimester Updates (Second Pregnancy)

I have not posted much about pregnancy symptoms this time around.
Basically, this second pregnancy brings much more aches and pains overall. The doctor says it is because my body has "been there, done that" and everything is already stretched out, which often causes more pain in subsequent pregnancies. I have not gained any additional weight compared to my first pregnancy. In fact, I will probably end up gaining less weight overall.

Here is a pretty picture I took of myself today. I am 36 weeks and 5 days pregnant.

36w5d pregnant
Aches & Pains Experienced

  • Pelvic Girdle Pain: I have been unable to lay flat and lift up my legs since my third trimester began. It feels almost impossible to flip over while laying in bed at night. The pain shoots from my lowest abdominal muscles down my legs. I lay with pillows and do some recommended pelvic floor strengthening exercises but nothing seems to help it completely. My temporary solution has been to pull my entire body over with just my upper arm strength and simply grit my teeth through the pain. If I could stay laying in one spot all night (it would be a miracle!), I would only have pain when I sit and stand up. My doctor is very unhelpful and unsympathetic when I describe this pain to her so I have not had a confirmation on what this pain is called. However, I believe it to be pelvic girdle pain
  • Sciatic Nerve Pain (Could be related to above issue): I can no longer vacuum, sweep, or mop my home because the ending result is long term sciatic nerve pain and sore lower back. The pain is so strong that I am unable to walk without limping or using objects to lean on to move around. I can no longer go shopping unless it is a very quick trip because the pain from pushing the shopping cart forces me into bed rest. The pain will not subside until I have completely rested for a full day or longer!
  • Minor cramping and occasional sharp lower abdominal pains: Starting this week (36 weeks pregnant), I have experienced very minor cramping. It feels like I am about to start my period but obviously I am not. I have been feeling slightly nauseous too. Yesterday and today, I have been feeling very sharp pains in my lower abdomen. It is very quick and does not happen regularly. I had this pain every 2-10 minutes for about a half hour earlier today and then it stopped entirely. I am anxious for my next prenatal appointment to find out if this is normal but I am not concerned enough to call and ask. My baby is kicking around a lot, the pain is inconsistent, I have no blood or other leaking fluids, and my water has not broke. 
These are my main unpleasant pregnancy symptoms that are very different from my first pregnancy. My first pregnancy was a breeze! My biggest problem then was being unable to breathe and panicking often about the lack of air getting into my lungs. I was very paranoid about that happening again with this pregnancy but it has not been a problem yet. I must just be carrying this baby much lower than the first. 

Biggest Pet Peeve: My MIL states how big I am every time I see her and talk to her on the phone (which is often) and exclaims that I am going to have a huge baby... So irritating that I would like to ban her from visiting the baby in the hospital. I did not have that problem with my first pregnancy and I gained a total of 40 pounds for that baby. So far, I have only gained 30-31 pounds. I was pushing 35 pounds a couple weeks ago but seemed to have lost some of it... due to starving myself to boost self confidence! <--- totally joking. But really, I don't feel huge... I feel like a normal pregnant woman and that is how I want to be.

Emotional Status: Thrilled to be having a baby boy and can't wait to meet him! Though, I am frightened about how sleep deprivation and postpartum hormones will affect my mind this time around. Last time, my mind was mush and I could not multitask for the life of me! Ahh!! I am still way excited to meet my son and for my daughter to meet her baby brother! I am also a little nervous about how a new baby will affect my daughter's behavior but am prepared by having no expectations! =)

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