December 25, 2013

Lots of Christmas Parties-- Lots of Presents

We had a total of seven Christmas parties this year. Unfortunately, I failed at taking pictures this Christmas and only captured a few pictures from five of the parties. I missed pictures from Bill's family's Christmas and his mom's extended family party. We also missed my step dad's family Christmas party entirely, which we intended on going to but became overwhelmed. 

Geglio Christmas Party

Lots of kids at this party!
Miss A opening presents

Bill and his grandma
A new addition to the family-- Bill's sister's second daughter-- New niece for us-- New cousin for Miss A!

 Nicklas Christmas Party

Santa visits... and apparently shops at Kmart!
Santa stopped by just for our family Christmas party! How nice of him!

Christmas Party at Dad's House

Gingerbread House & Christmas Cookie Decorating

Miss A was really getting into the cookie decorating!

Christmas Party at Mom's House

Bill wanted to take my mom's foster puppy home!

Our Family Christmas Party

Miss A waiting a lonngg time to open up these presents!

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