November 26, 2013

Bon Voyage Kayla!

Yesterday, I had say farewell to my little baby sister Kayla who will be stationed in Italy for four years, eight months. (Okay, not so much baby...) She is one lucky bum and I have to thank her for commitment to the United States Navy. I will miss her soooooooooo terribly much! I hope she is able to come home and visit at least once! I also hope to rummage up some pennies to visit her too. (I might be dreaming but maybe not...)

My sister Shantori, Cousin T Stone, Kayla, Miss A and I all spent the early afternoon together. Here are our parting pictures! We spent our time playing at the mall and Chuck E Cheese. We also visited Santa Claus! Fun times! =)

Me, Kayla, Shantori-- We try.
"Miss A" and "Cousin T Stone" climbing on the breakfast sausage links.
Egg Time!
Miss A and Auntie Kayla in a bowl of shredded wheat
Cousin T Stone chilling on some bacon!
Cousin T Stone about to give Miss A a big hug on a buttered waffle!
Not sure what happened here... Me & Kayla
Miss A & Cousin T Stone taking a speedy cruise
Miss A driving
We visited Santa Claus before Thanksgiving... Normally, I force myself to wait to put up the Christmas tree until after Thanksgiving Dinner. I guess there is no harm in mixing up the order a bit! Miss A did not want to sit on Santa's lap but she did tell him she wanted My Little Pony toys for Christmas. Cousin T Stone wanted a monster truck and a saw! Haha! 

Santa Claus Visit 2013
Miss A loved the Barney ride at Chuck E Cheese! 
Pony Time! 
Miss A rode this over and over and had a picture of the side of her head taken about 15 times!
This jeep lifted Miss A up so high that she cried, forcing me to pull her off it mid-ride! Scared her to death!

That was the fun we had with our teensy bit of time left together before Kayla's departure! We had a good time and then I cried all the way home. :( Not really but the tears could have flowed if I let them! My lil sister is going to have such a good experience! I love her and wish her the best!!
>> Bon Voyage Kayla!<<

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