October 30, 2013

Unbelievable Third Trimester Bathroom Schedule

Today was ridiculous. At 30 weeks and 3 days pregnant, I used the bathroom so many times that it was ridiculous! Seriously.

Take a quick look at my time chart. I was so amazed that I even recorded my fluid intake as well.

  • 6:45-9:45am- Peed 5X (The only fluids was a little bit of milk from my cereal bowl.)
  • 11:00am- 1X (I drank a very small cup of coffee and juice.)
  • 12:00pm- 1X (12 ounce water)
  • 2:00pm- 1X
  • 3:30pm- 1X (I drank another small cup of coffee and had a couple sips of water.)
  • 4:30pm- 1X
  • 5:00pm- 1X
  • 7:30pm- 1X (8oz orange juice)

That makes a total of 12 trips to the bathroom and the current time is only 9:00pm. I will probably use the bathroom at least two more times before bed, especially since I am so thirsty right now and cannot resist drinking ice water. How crazy is this?! I don't know what made today so different but usually I don't have to use the bathroom this much.

This happened during my first trimester but then the feeling faded after a couple of weeks. I am worried that this will be my new third trimester bathroom schedule. I really can't afford this to be my new routine because I just started back to work for the next 4-5 weeks. I would end up being that pregnant woman who is constantly getting up and going to the bathroom every five seconds. It would just be hilarious because I am the team leader in a large school-like work setting. It would be funny stuff.

Side note: Washing your hands every hour is great for hygiene purposes but awful because it dries your skin out. That is a hidden downside of this frequent urination pregnancy issue!

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  1. So, for the dry hands thing? The Body Shop sells this hemp body cream that is AMAZING. Holds up for me, even at PG where I wash my hands... ya know... Well. You know, actually. ;) It's pricey, and smells very earthy, but leaves me really soft. Check it out.


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