October 21, 2013

Toddler Behaviors I Could Do Without

I have been writing a lot of positive posts about my wonderful daughter because overall she is wonderful! However, it is time that I shine light on her terrible two behaviors because each time she performs them, I grow more and more irritated. I am hoping that with a little self expression through writing, my patience will grow and I will be more forgiving... Ha.

  • Excessive whining! There comes a tipping point when the constant whining has no ending solution and is performed on a daily basis. There is no need to whine about not wanting to drink the water that I simply set next to you (just in case you were thirsty)... There is no need to whine about not being able to put on socks and shoes while refusing for help. I need to do it *whine whine whine* I need help *whine whine whine* I can do it *whine whine whiiiinnnneee*... No need to whine about not wanting to go potty because you're lazy... I gotta gooo...but I don't want to... but *whine whine whine*...  About the door not properly opened exactly to your liking at nap time... About your books, your blocks, your babies, your blankies, your crayons, your hair... *whine whine whine*!!! Trying to reason with a two year old and tell her how obnoxious it is to whine is pointless. Guess I should have known that. Pff!
  • Crying after waking up! This is what she has been doing the majority of her life. When she was a tiny baby, okay... no problem. I get it. But she is 2 years and 3 months old now and she simply wakes up and comes crying to me for no apparent reason. I have no peace. Fortunately, I found a solution to this one. I just told her that she should not cry in the mornings and repeated that at bedtime for a few days. Problem solved. She does however continue to be crabby after her nap times. 
  • Accidental tongue and finger biting while eating! I did not know it was possible to accidentally bite your tongue and finger at every meal and snack time... every single day. It always ends up in tears and a persistent need for ice and a wash cloth to make it all better! Come on missy... Smaller bites. Slow down your chompers! Heck, there doesn't even have to be food in her mouth for her to bite her tongue or finger. This is definitely something I did not anticipate in parenting. 
  • Dropping things into the toilet! I don't even want to know why that purple bracelet ended up in the bottom of the toilet. Or why the entire new roll of toilet paper is now drenched in water. Please, explain this one to me dear Miss A. I guess you need more potty time attention. My bad. 

These are definitely toddler behaviors that I could do without!!! Now I will breathe... and focus on the beautiful picture below... *in*... *out*... What an angel... 

"But look at how cute I am mommy! I'm so adorable that you love me no matter what I do!" 

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