October 14, 2013

Toddler Habit Too Cute to Break

It has been about a full year now since Miss A started waking up and nesting at our bedside. She sleepily drags everything from her bed throughout the home and sets up a new little cove on the floor. Everything includes her bed comforter, the blue down comforter from our couch, her baby (stuffed lamb), two pillows, and two small blankets. This occurs between 5:00 and 8:00 every morning. When I mention this habit of hers to anyone I get a face that resembles a unique combo of disgust, humor, and shock. Yes, I allow my child to do this.

I don't mind her doing this. 

Not one bit. 

This so called bad habit of hers allows me to sleep in an extra 2-3 hours without having to get up. Miss A has mastered a special routine that allows for even further benefits. She enters the room, makes her little bed on the floor, goes to the bathroom, shuts the two doors in our bedroom to prevent light from coming in, and then lies down and falls back to sleep. This is a miracle. I get extra hours of sleep without the fear of her having an accident on the floor nor the sun to wake me. 

I have to admit that she does not always enter our room quietly and most times I have to prompt her to use the bathroom but she still does it. This morning though, she did the whole routine quietly on her own. I can't think of any negative reason for her to stop doing this. She goes to bed for naps and at night time peacefully in her own bedroom. I really have no reason to complain. Soon enough, I will be the one waking her up when I start working full time. She won't even have a chance to sneak into my room in the early mornings. 

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