October 19, 2013

My Favorite Baby Boy Clothing Brand: Ralph Lauren

To begin with, I must state that I am voluntarily blogging about Ralph Lauren's infant and toddler boy clothing lines because they have the most adorable, preppy boy clothing I have ever seen. I am simply in love with the outfits! [Unfortunately, Ralph Lauren is not allowed to be my favorite brand because I cannot afford the majority of their clothing. I cannot rationalize spending a fortune on clothes that will only be worn for a few months.] REGARDLESS!! Look below at how cute the clothing is and imagine it on a little baby boy!! =)

How could you not find this irresistible?! Ralph Lauren truly makes little man clothing.

So classy!

Even their winter outerwear is cuter than average brands.


I recently discovered that Oshkosh baby clothing has similar baby clothes but at a much more affordable price.

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