September 6, 2012

Miss A Hit The Potty Milestone Today!

Miss A, my 14 month old baby, has officially used the potty for the first time. Before today, she had only sat on it and played with her potty. Today, she actually went pee! YiPEE!

She woke up with a dry diaper after a two and half hour nap. I cheerfully brought her to the bathroom to sit her on the potty. She was still sleepy and fussed a bit so I took her off it. As soon as I set her on the bathroom floor, she started peeing a little bit, then stopped (probably out of fear from my shocked shriek)! I quickly placed her back on the potty and she cried... She did not go anymore. She cried a little more and then started going potty. I clapped my hands and loudly said, "BIG GIRL!! You're going potty! Big Girl!!" She stopped crying and looked down. When she finished, I showed her how to wipe herself and she happily placed the toilet paper in the toilet. She did it! We danced around the room for quite a bit afterwards. It was very exciting for me! 

I just hope her crying on the potty didn't traumatize her! I doubt it did though because she always seems to be excited when I say, "Mama's going potty!" or "Let's go to the potty!" She always responds with a happy, "PA!?"


Check out her some pictures of Miss A reading a book on the big girl potty, here!

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  1. How awesome is that?! 14 months and you're off to a really great start! :) Go Amelia!


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