September 22, 2012

Allegan Fair 2012

If you haven't noticed by now, we are "fair people". This year we went to the Ionia Free Fair, the Hudsonville Fair, and lastly the Allegan Fair. And we love animals... so if you like looking at cute animal pictures, take a look at my old posts.

Entry into the fair... thought it looked like an adventure!
Allegan County Fair Entrance

We started by looking at the bunnies! This little dude has such a cool hairdo! 

Miss A had no problem with the bunnies! She needed to pet a bunch of them. =)

After leaving the bunny house, it went downhill for Miss A. The turkeys scared her so badly that she didn't even enjoy looking at the pigs and goats. At the last two fairs, she loved ALL the animals. 

Scary, Ole Turkey!

These kittens eased her mood a little bit... until they pawed at her that is!

Kittens are irresistible! 

Cutest Kitten Ever

My favorite part of the entire fair was the Baby Animal Barn! Look at this cute calf!

Baby cow... cutest calf ever!

Sweet little goat who tried to eat my clothing!

Bunny Pile!

Little Baby Horse! 


This picture may be inappropriate :P Or it could just be a natural picture of a sheep. 

Big Sheep Balls! :P (HAHA-- could not resist!)

Kangaroos are so soft! I'm not entirely sure what the exact name of this animal is... 
There were three different kangaroo-like things in this pen. I apologize for my poor memory skills. 

This photo sickens my stomach... especially because I was petting and talking to all the pigs after looking at this statue... but it was very informative. 

location of meat cuts on a pig

And because my camera's battery died in the middle of our visit, I didn't get to capture the rest of our visit at the Allegan Fair. Just know that we had an absolutely fantastic time! =) 

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