October 31, 2011

Pumpkin Carving + Messy Baby!!

We got to carve an extra pumpkin this year! [For Miss A!] We were a little last-minute carving pumpkins the night before Halloween but better late than never! When picking out pumpkins, my only concern was that Miss A had to be able to fit inside the pumpkin! :D Hope you enjoy the pumpkin pictures. I sure am enjoying the pumpkin seeds!

Oohh it's cold in here!
But it's fun!!
There's gooey stuff between my toes!!
I like it! Hehehe

Nummy... it even tastes good!
Okay.. what's going on here?
Too bright...
What is this stuff?
Whoa now!
Really mom? You put pumpkin guts on my head. Really appreciate it, thanks.

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