October 22, 2011

Help! I Don't Know How To Be a Mommy Anymore!

I am having so much trouble figuring out what Miss A wants when she cries. Up until this past two weeks, I always knew what my baby wanted when she cried. She was either hungry, gassy and needed burped, or her diaper was dirty. Now I am at a loss. All those things are taken care of and she still fusses! Today she screamed on and off for about two hours. She is just super fussy all the time it seems. I do everything I can think of... rock her, rub her tummy, rub her back, put her in her swing and bouncy chair, sing to her, lay her on her back surrounded by toys, walk around with her, stroller rides, talk to her, stand in front of the mirror with her, put her in her crib with her mobile.... and many other things. I don't know if she is starting to teeth early, if she is sick, if she is bored, or what! It's frustrating. It was almost easier when I was sleep deprived and had to be up with her every 2 hours because at least I knew why she cried! EEEeeek! I hope she isn't starting to be colicky. She's been such a good, easy baby until these last weeks.

Don't criticize me for this... because I feel EXTREMELY GUILTY but right now she is staring peacefully at the television. She is watching some toddler cartoon show. She just started noticing the television and finds it fascinating. I know the television should not be used as a babysitter all the time. I know that there is some correlation between babies/children watching too much TV and ADD. But today, I almost lost my mind. I feel like she needs me every single second or else she screams...and regardless she screams! Before, she would at least take several naps that allowed me to have some "me" time. Don't get me wrong, I love being with her and playing with her but if she's just gonna scream all day long... how am I supposed to keep my sanity?? I hope this is just a stage... a short one!

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