October 22, 2011

No Live Sports for Miss A

I have to dedicate a small post to MISS A & LIVE SPORTS especially after the Michigan State Spartans EPIC win against the Wisconsin Badgers tonight!

[just sayin'!]

Okay but really... I thought it was going to be fun to dress Miss A up in MSU gear for the big games but it's not going as planned. Every time there is a huge play-- good or bad, I yell loudly. And so does Miss A. Actually she screams and doesn't stop for a good 15 minutes! I don't mean to sound big and scary... but apparently that's how I appear to her. She has been with me for almost every MSU football game this year and a couple Tigers games.. I fail to keep quiet so at least once every single ballgame, Miss A screams and fears for her life! It's sad because I'm having fun and she is freaking out! Poor little baby girl :( Hopefully next football season will be better for her!

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