October 15, 2012

Main Problem with Baby Ear Piercings

As you may know, we debated a long time on whether or not to pierce our daughter's ears. We did end up getting them pierced when she was seven months old. Full story here. I wanted to update everyone on how it has been going since getting her ear's pierced. It's now been about eight months and I'm happy to say that I do not regret getting her ear's pierced! =) At first, I was worried because she has eczema and I didn't know how her ears would react to the metal earrings. I started with fairly expensive ($60) nickel free earrings in order to ensure her ears wouldn't get irritated by them. I cleaned her ears thoroughly two-three times each day for about six weeks. After that I cleaned them only a couple times during the week and eventually let them alone.

The main problem we have had with our baby's ear piercings is that the earrings keep getting lost! When her eczema gets bad, it tends to show up behind her ears and around her neckline. Her eczema makes her itch, which means sometimes she accidentally pulls out her earrings. Thankfully, she has never bled or got an infection from her piercings. During the past summer, she lost her earrings several times, once while camping. It is recommended that you keep the ear piercings in constantly until after one year has passed. So, of course, I was freaked out and needed to buy another pair ASAP even if it meant interrupting our camping trip. I didn't want her ear piercing to close up! I started buying the cheap earrings in packs of ten and had no problem at all with her skin. She doesn't pull at them at all. Thank goodness! I HIGHLY SUGGEST BUYING EXTRA PAIRS OF EARRINGS FOR YOUR BABY RIGHT AWAY!! This will save you time and stress! We have only lost four single earrings during the past eight months but it was always at the wrong time!

So for those of you wondering whether or not to pierce your baby's ears, I still say GO FOR IT! Just make sure you are responsible and clean their ears, and possibly buy backup earrings and keep them in your purse. =)

I never thought losing the earrings would be our biggest problem! Crazy.

A good tip for those ladies looking to get "free" earrings... Buy a pack of tiny studs for your baby with the bottom row being larger "hook" earrings OR the packs with large and small studs (like the pictures below)! I did it twice. Mommy & baby loves to share!!! You just tell your husband it's for the baby... ;)

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