October 10, 2012

Interview with Pregnant Woman at 17 Weeks (Amy)

I have an interview I did via email with Amy at 17 weeks pregnant. She and her husband, Tyler are expecting their first child sometime between February 22nd-28th of 2013. It's very exciting talking with a first time pregnant woman because many of the experiences are so similar to what I was feeling when I was pregnant with my daughter.

Amy & Tyler

How far along are you in your pregnancy? 17 weeks

What is your favorite part about being pregnant? Knowing that I am going to be a mother

What pregnancy symptoms could you do without?
Nausea, vomiting, tiredness, and moodiness 

Do you know the sex of your child?

Do you have any names picked out?
We had a hard time coming up with a name that we both agreed on. We finally decided but it is a secret except to close family. 

Have you started ‘nesting’ and decorating a nursery?
I have done very little preparation for the baby. We have lots to buy and lots to do to fix up his room. 

Have you thought about taking a “babymoon” with your husband before the baby arrives?
Yes. My husband and I are thinking about taking a random road trip one last time this weekend. We will see where we end up. 

Do you have a specific birth plan for your child?
He will be born in the hospital. I have not given much more consideration except that I am not opposed to an epidural. I am horrified of the thought of a c-section so hopefully it does not come down to that. 

How do you plan to balance work and baby? Do you intend on going back to work as soon as possible or stay at home full time for awhile/permanently? I have to go back to work eventually but we are trying to save up enough money for me to take eight weeks (ideally) or at least four weeks off of work. 

How do you feel about becoming a mother? ARE YOU READY =) ? I am not ready to be a mother. I hope that I can give my son everything that he needs and be there in every way for him. I am horrified and honestly never saw myself being a mother, however, I would not take it back for anything. I will never be ready to be a mom, but I will do my very best.

I wish Amy and Tyler the best of luck on their new parenting adventure! :) I certainly have been forever changed in many wonderful ways by motherhood. I'm sure they both will experience multiple joys as well.


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