September 9, 2011

Fussy Baby = No Pictures

We have attempted to get professional pictures taken at JCPenney twice this week. Apparently Miss A does not want to get her pictures taken. She has been super fussy lately. We were all ready to leave 15 minutes ago and decided to cancel the appointment after too much stress built up. She has been crying and fussing all day it seems. I gave her a bath and surprisingly she was okay with it. Then I started dressing her and she started up again. I knew she was getting hungry so I tried feeding her... She was too upset to nurse efficiently so I ended up pumping her a bottle. Fed her. Burped her. Changed her diaper. And she screamed.. and screamed some more. I can't believe we actually attempted putting her in her car seat... At this point I just grabbed my phone and canceled the appointment. Now she is cuddling up with daddy in the rocking chair, fast asleep.

Man. I tell ya... babies! Ohhh just gotta remind myself. She's probably going through a growth spurt! My poor baby girl. I guess we'll just try to do pictures next week.


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