January 22, 2012

Our New Bathroom Decor!

For our wedding, we registered for a light pink, floral themed bathroom.
I asked Bill if he was okay with our bathroom looking like "an old lady's bathroom".
His response. "You are the decorator Monica."
At my second bridal shower, I received most of our bathroom set.
Here is the new look!

Simply Shabby Chic Bath Curtain!
Fancy Jewelry Stand & Mirror
White Toilet Seat Rug-- I needed this!
Sweet Shower Curtain Rings-- Bedazzled
Apple Blossom Scented Air Freshener

Cat Ring Holder :D [My fAvE]


  1. Its so romantic and pretty. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I think you have fabulous taste and don't find it to be old ladyish in the least! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Glad to hear it's not old ladyish! Even if it was though-- I don't care! It's makes for a nice atmosphere! :)

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  4. You have a very selfless husband! Can you imagine? He let you decorate the bathroom like as if it was yours. Or is it just that your husband is not that picky? Whatever you like, he’ll like and appreciate it too. Isn’t that sweet? Happy decorating!

    -Elizbeth Alba

  5. I love that! I am off to take a bath right now, although mine does not look quite as good as yours!
    Bathroom Faucets


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xx Monica xx

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