February 7, 2014

Oliver's Five Week Check Up

Little Oliver had to visit his doctor today for his five week check up. The doctor stripped him down and poked and prodded at his little body. Oliver did not seem to mind at all. I assume it was because he got to sit on a super cool polar bear table. He was pretty happy... until the doctor started messing with his goods. She told me he has a hydrocele, or fluid collection in the scrotum, and was forced to poke around the area in search for possible masses or lumps. The fluid is supposed to go down on its own but needed to be watched just in case it doesn't. Unfortunately, his doctor found a small lump that needed to be further examined. SO, that meant we had to go to the hospital to do an ultrasound. Apparently it is common for babies to develop hernias, which is what a mass in the hydrocele could mean. If he had a hernia, we would have had to schedule an appointment with a pediatric surgeon to get it removed. After waiting around for three hours at the hospital, we finally got his scrotum and testicles thoroughly examined and discovered that he has a cyst. He does not have a hernia but we need to keep an eye on this cyst to see if it goes away on its own. If not, we will have to do another ultrasound in a couple of months and keep a close eye on it. I really, really do not like the sound of my Oliver having a cyst... That is very scary! Poor little baby. :( On a positive note, he does not appear to have any pain radiating from the area... or any pain at all.

Oh, and he didn't mind getting an ultrasound done either. He made himself quite comfy on the heated blanket they laid him on. (I fed him right before so he was feeling great!)

Besides the cyst, Oliver is having normal bowel movements and wet diapers. He is eating very well, still every 2-3 hours around the clock, though he did go 4 hours without eating three times. (praise jesus) He is growing like a champ! He has grown three inches and gained 4 lbs 7 oz in five weeks. Seems extreme to me!!

Birth Weight: 7 lb 6 oz
Birth Length: 21 inches
5 Weeks Weight: 11 lb 13 oz
5 Weeks Length: 24 inches

My son has gained almost 1 POUND PER WEEK since he was born! That is pretty crazy! He is not even that chunky (yet), he just gained weight to fill out his extra 3 inches of length. I am determined to raise a Michigan State Basketball player. Miss A is on her way already.

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  1. Wow! He is growing really well. And he is so stinkin' cute! I hope the cyst goes away on its own!


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