January 27, 2014

Time for gDiapers Again!

Oliver wears his first gDiaper!
Yesterday, I officially switched Oliver from disposable diapers to cloth diapers. We used gDiapers with Miss A for about 7 months total. Now we will be using the same set for Oliver! Sounds gross but it's really not bad. I thoroughly cleaned them and got rid of most stains. I have changed about 8 gDiapers already and am pleased to see that they retain absorbency. Oliver set his own personal sleep record last night too! Sleeping for 3 hours and 50 minutes, which is also my sleep record since he was born. His gDiapers held up without pee soaking through. Success!

I am happy to truly be saving money on diapers! (And helping the environment by reducing waste) ;)

gDiaper Changing Station

I am also finishing multiple sets of cloth wipes so I don't have to have an extra garbage bag only for disposable wipes. I will be making a cloth wipe solution of baby oil, baby wash, and chamomile water for the cloth wipes. Then I will be washing the cloth wipes with the diapers. Breastfed babies' stools are water soluble so all the diapers and wipes can go directly into the washer without needing to be rinsed. The diapers and the washer, both end up clean! I did this with Miss A problem free. The true mess comes when the baby starts eating solid foods or is introduced to formula. Then I will have to place a liner in the diaper and either throw it in the garbage or flush it down the toilet because those stools are not water soluble. (Note: I do NOT plan on using formula!) My ultimate goal this time around is to save even more money! Diapers, wipes, or formula savings will be HUGE for us! Oliver will basically be a free baby... Almost. :)

I made a special homemade soap free detergent for our cloth diapers too. It consists of 1 cup Borax, 1 cup washing soda, and 1 cup Oxyclean Free. It only requires 1 tablespoon per load. I made a homemade detergent for our clothes too by substituting the Oxyclean for Fels Naptha soap but I hate it. The clothes come out clean but they don't smell fresh. I might try adding some drops of essential oils in the future.

Our Planet Wise wet bag for dirty diaper storage
We changed our dirty diaper laundering system this time. Last time I used a Fuzzibunz wet bag and was not happy with it. It did not keep the smells at bay so the nursery smelled bad. I ended up placing it in a sealed contained and that helped with the smell, but it was inconvenient. This time, we are using a Planet Wise wet bag. It is a thicker, more durable wet bag sealed by a water proof zipper. It also has a dry storage compartment for holding clean diapers if we were to go on vacation or camping. The bag can be flipped inside out and thrown in the washer with the dirty diapers. I pretty much slept next to this bag last night and did not smell anything. When I unzip the bag to place more diapers inside, it does not smell because the bag is so large and the diapers are so far down. I have a matching medium sized bag for the diaper bag too.

[Once again, I am ecstatic about a bag that holds baby shit. Go me for being excited about ALL parts of life!]

Who does Oliver look like in this picture? Am I seeing some Nicklas family resemblance here? Not sure.
Oliver's tiny baby feet! <3


  1. Awesome! Summer wears cloth too but we do disposable at night because they are more absorbant. But now she is eating some solid foods and so I can't just toss her diapers in the wash anymore. I am looking into a diaper sprayer.

    1. Oh cool! What brand of diapers do you use? Did you do a post on them? I'd be interested in reading about it. I considered a diaper sprayer for Amelia but decided it was too much work. I just used the liners which worked well. The gDiapers hold up great at night when you put two cloths inside. I will start doing that when Oliver sleeps through the whole night.


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