February 5, 2013

Where Did She Learn That?!?!

My little Miss A is 19 months old. Don't ask me where the time has gone because I could not even begin to tell you!

Over the past couple weeks, Miss A has been blabbering her little heart out. She repeats everything I say and do. If I am randomly singing, she will randomly sing. If I drop something on the floor and say "shoot!", she will say "uh oh!" or her new thing is "Paci go boom!" When she does repeat me and say "shoot"... boy does it sound like "sh*t". yikesee!

I caught her reading a book on colors a few days ago. She would point to the page and say "Reeedddd... *turn page* Blueeeeee...." I almost had a heart attack. Where did she learn that?!?! I had read that book to her several times in the past, but I had no clue she was actually learning. CRAZY. Another thing she learned from a book is the noise a tractor makes... I always read over the tractor part quickly because it didn't tie in to the rest of the book on animal sounds. "The tractor goes BRRmm BRrmm!" Just recently, she saw a picture of a tractor and said "BRRmm BrRmm!" CRAZY.

She also knows so much vocabulary that I never taught her. She doesn't go to a daycare so all her knowledge comes from listening to our families and us talking to her. She says something to surprise me everyday. It also seems like I only have to tell her something once and she gets it. She knows the difference between head, forehead, elbow, knees, legs, teeth, tongue, eyes, eyebrows, mouth, nose, ears, hair, beauty mark, toes, etc.... She is so stinking smart. I guess I thought year and a half old babies took a LONG time to learn. I remember thinking "how am I ever going to teach her the difference between a head and a forehead!?" Guess it doesn't matter now.

So watch out! You may not think your child is listening or understanding you but WHOAA do they catch you by surprise! THEY ARE SMART LITTLE HUMANS!!

Edit: You may or may not have been thinking I was going to write about some naughty words, she has said. Fortunately, she does not have a potty mouth yet! Thank god for that.

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