June 15, 2012

Does the Gyro Bowl Really Work?

Let me start by saying that I do LOVE the idea of the spill-proof Gyro bowl for children.

But you can't seriously think a bowl could be smarter than your child?? Children are specialists at creating messy disasters all over your house, car, lawn, and basically everywhere that their tiny, little, grubby hands end up touching. Come on people... of course it doesn't work all the time. It is not completely spill-proof as it claims to be. In general, the Gyro bowl will work to hold most of the snack inside, even as your child is whipping it in a circle over their head. (Gotta give the bowl some credit for that!) But you will still have grapes, little bits of cheese, or crackers spread all over your floor. If you are lucky enough to have a child that is part dog like me, they will end up picking up all the leftovers one by one until the floor is cleaned up.

I'd say this bowl is definitely worth the purchase. It does a much better job at containing food compared to a regular bowl.

The package says it's for ages 2 years and up but it does a decent job for my 11 month old as well. Look how she likes to hold it...

Miss A modeling how she uses the Gyro Bowl to eat her morning snack.

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