September 4, 2012

Water Sports & Diving Pictures from Elk Lake

I spontaneously drove back up north again this past weekend for some more boating and water adventures on Elk Lake. I met up with my family there because (like I've said in previous posts) they have a seasonal at White Water Township Park. My brother and I did A LOT of diving and some water sports. My little sister (age 10) even knee boarded despite her fear of tubing, getting water splashed in her face, and falling off the board!

Here are two pictures of my brother wake boarding like a champ! He turned twelve years old this year... but he has been tubing and doing other water sports for a long time. 

Here are two pictures of me "wake boarding"... I tried about eight times and failed miserably! 
Just you wait til next year though... I'll be up on that board in no time!

This is the closest I got to actually getting up on the wake board. :/

Help, I'm trapped under water! 

Just kidding! 

Here I am knee boarding! Knee boards are a lot easier to balance on! 

Watch my video! I learned how to do a full 360 circle on the knee board. 
I even knee boarded backwards without falling off!! =)

Floating baby! We loaded Miss A up on floaties for the fun of it... she could barely move! 
She did have a lot of fun though. We eventually took off the arm floaties because they were useless. 

Bryce and I standing on the bow preparing to dive!

Bryce dives...

I dive...

Bryce dives again... with floppy legs! (hahaha!) Anytime one of us dove in with floppy legs, we'd yell "FLOPPY LEGS!" as soon as the other person surfaced... It was funny.

I dive again...

We both dive. I LOVE THIS SHOT! All these pictures were taken courtesy of Valerie. =)


  1. I can't knee board to save my life--great job :) It looks like a lot of fun!

    1. Thanks it was so much fun. Sad to have discovered knee boarding at the end of summer :( But it has inspired me to learn some winter sports like snowboarding... or maybe I'll just stick to skiing. I don't know yet! :)

  2. It looks like you had such a great time at the lake! It looks so beautiful there. I haven't gone knee boarding since I was a teenager but it's so much fun!

  3. Man, that was tremendously awesome! I bet Bryce would love water sports, too, when she grows up. Anyway, I am not a pro but I guess learning wakeboarding would need some skills similar to the areas of water skiing, snowboarding and surfing. What do you think? I believe that with more practice, you’ll be a pro someday. Hope you have a blast this year as well!
    Darius Cartmell


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