June 21, 2012

Tacky, Ghetto Curtains for Baby Room

Please forgive my title, "ghetto curtains" but this is the one of the most ridiculous things I have done in interior decorating! We moved into a trailer and have been here for almost two months already. My daughter's room had not been touched and her floor had been covered with all her toys, blankets, clothes, and curtains since day one.

Clearly it was time for me to get my lazy butt up and do it. So I cleaned up her floor, which took less than 30 minutes and all that was left to do was the curtains. Somehow we lost the curtain rods during the move. Of course, I didn't feel like running to the store or postponing the task, so here is what happened.

Check out how I rolled up the bottom of the curtains and quickly safety pinned them up. 

Check out the best part. I tacked the curtains to the wall.

So whaddya think?

These curtains are Eclipse Energy Saving Curtains.

Looks fairly decent huh? Or does it look like I bolted my daughter's bedroom window shut? Either way, it's staying like that for at least a month or two or ten because it keeps most of the light out of her room, which ensures long naps and good sleep into the morning. :)

Hope you were inspired by my tacky, ghetto curtain bedroom get up.



  1. I love it :). I wish I can make something like that for my daughter too. That does help block the light out during naptime.

    1. You can! It is so easy... I didn't even sew these curtains, I bought them at Meijer. ;) I thought it looked much better than just tacking old blankets up over the window.. I've done that before but it is hideous! Thanks for commenting. :)


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