June 19, 2012

Happy Family Photos

I am so happy and proud that we have created such a loving family of our own. These are our first real family photos that we've taken together. I think they turned out great! Thank you R & R Photography.

Mommy & Baby
Precious... Daddy & Baby Girl
Very happy family <3
Look at those cheeks!
She's telling us a funny joke
So Darn Cute! Look at our happy baby girl!
Yes, we are in love <3 Check out the hubby's pants! Hahaha
Having fun being silly!
Kisses for the mommy <3


  1. Now, that's one happy and beautiful family there! I couldn't get enough of your hubby's pants. That's the first thing I noticed in that pic :)

  2. You definitely have a beautiful family! :) Your little girl is adorable and I love the name Amelia!


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