June 30, 2011

Baby Furniture for my Cats? They think so!

My cousin Jessica just gave us a basically brand new baby bassinet that she used for her twins. It was sitting in a basement for a couple years but I took all the fabric off, washed it, and it's as good as new! Bill and I rearranged our bedroom and organized everything to make it perfect for our baby girl to come home to. The bassinet is placed next to my side of the bed and it's just adorable! The first night sleeping next to it, I just spent the whole night thinking about how we would really be having our own baby sleeping in there. It is still very hard to imagine but I can't wait!

Okay to my point, the funny part of this story! I woke up and looked in the baby bassinet to see my two cats curled up together sleeping in it! IT WAS SO PRECIOUS! Excluding the fact that there is a ton of cat hair on the sheet and I have to rewash it... it was so cute! They have slept in that bassinet every night now, [about 4 days]. My cats seriously think that all the baby stuff we have in our apartment belongs to them. They are SPOILED. They even think the nursery is for them. Annabelle sleeps in the new glider on the Boppy pillow. Raja sleeps on the changing table. For now it's okay but when the baby comes, they will be in for quite a surprise! I think they are going to be jealous!

Annabelle in Glider on Boppy Pillow
Close Up
Raja on Changing Table. Notice my great organization skills! ;)
Close Up
Annabelle was first to discover the new bassinet.
Then Raja joined!
"Oh yeah, it's totally comfy."

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