June 13, 2011

I've Been Showered With Baby Supplies!

[35 weeks today. Exactly 5 weeks to go!]

Bill and I are so fortunate to have such supportive family and friends. I can't tell you enough how much they love and care to keep connected with our lives. I am not only lucky to have my family but to soon be able to officially join his family. This weekend I was given two baby showers. The first one was held by my mom, grandma, and a long time family friend. The second one was held by all of Bill's aunts. Between the two parties we have collected pretty much everything that we need (and more!) to care for our baby girl. I do have one more baby shower that will be hosted by my step mom and step sister soon. I still need gDiapers, a diaper bag, a couple nursing bras, cushions for my glider, wetbags, a washable laundry pail liner, and a nice baby album. We have a beautiful nursery filled with baby supplies!

I will be writing personal baby product reviews on all our items once we start using everything and have made a concrete opinion on their reliability, etc. Here is a list of everything I received so far, including what we have picked up at garage sales for cheap. [I'm sure I'm missing some things though...]

·      Baby Books- Chewable & Non-Chewable
·      Baby Bowls
·      Baby Spoons
·      Baby Towels
·      Baby Wash Cloths
·      Bassinet
·      Bibs
·      Blankets (Several Hand Crocheted!! Quilted!! Sewn!!)
·      Bottles
·      Burp Rags (Hand-made!!)
·      Changing Table
·      Crib
·      Crib Bedding- Winnie the Pooh
·      Crinkle (Noise Making) Toys
·      Disposable Diapers (216) Size 1-2
·      Glider
·      Hair Accessories
·      Health & Grooming Kit
·      High Chair
·      Infant/Toddler Bath Tub
·      Leap Frog Learning Stuffed Dog
·      Mirror (to see Infant in Rearview Mirror of car!)
·      Mobile
·      Monitors
·      Musical Pull Toys
·      Nursing Pads
·      Outfits & Onesies (SO MANY. I have started making totes of them… All sizes!)
·      Pacifiers
·      Receiving Blankets
·      Single Electric Breast Pump
·      Sippy Cups
·      Stroller & Car Seat Travel System
·      Teethers
·      Wipes (900!) & Cloth Wipes (I made from flannel material)

All these baby things make everything feel even more real. This is a good thing... but it's making me question myself. I hope I am ready to have a baby. It is kinda scary knowing that in about a month I will have a baby depending on me every second of her life for many, many years! It is nerve-racking... I am hoping my motherly instincts will kick in ASAP when she is born!

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