December 5, 2013

Our Family Christmas Tree 2013

This is our second real Christmas tree together as a family. We were really ambitious and wanted to pick out the biggest, tallest tree...

So many Christmas trees... So many choices!
Miss A found her perfect my size Christmas tree and when I told her it was too little, she found the next best one... which we seriously contemplated bring home for five minutes!

And after walking around forever, we finally found a nice soft bristled tree that doesn't shed or poke you to death. (I forget the type of tree... it was a self service tree farm so I wasn't able to ask.) We bought the same type of tree last year too.

Cutting down our 11ft Christmas tree

While daddy cut the tree and loaded it into the truck, Miss A & I goofed off... =)

It just hilarious watching him carry this humongous tree... that we would later cut an additional 2ft off because our ceiling was only 9ft tall... ! Too funny!

I had to deal with my own troubles of hiking through the field carrying a baby... having to pee... and sciatic nerve pain striking at every step. But still, I couldn't miss out on picking out our family Christmas tree!

35 weeks pregnant
Four hours and fifteen bucks later, we had a fully decorated Christmas tree in our living room!

35 weeks pregnant- Mommy & Miss A
Daddy & Miss A
Merry Christmas everybody and have fun decorating for the holidays if you haven't done so already! =)

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