January 15, 2012

First Attempt at Homemade Baby Food

I made baby food tonight! AND it was somewhat successful! I have been dreaming about this day for several months now. I used our juicer to fill 5 Munchkin Fresh Food Freezer Cups with carrot mush! It was really messy... and I have decided I will never use our juicer to make baby food again. The juicer takes out all the pulp and wastes most of the vegetable. I should have made 10 jars of carrot puree but instead the juicer separated the carrot skin with the inner parts. From now on, I will just steam the vegetables and then put them in my blender.

What a mess!!!
This is the only part I used, the rest was dry carrot skin... :/
I LOVE THESE CONTAINERS! Microwave, Dishwasher, & Freezer Safe!

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  1. Dear Monica,

    It's your old friend Stay Home PaPa. We have a very hand little device that we use to make our baby food. It's called the Magic Bullet. It's kind of mini-blender - but you just blend everything in cup. When your done, toss the cup in the dishwasher. We got ours on Amazon for about $30.
    With Maddie, we try every day to keep it simple. Look forward to your stories,


Thanks for reading!
xx Monica xx

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