July 6, 2011

38w2d- I Am Ready!!!

I don't really have a post topic per say, but I just want to update you all on some more of my pregnancy feelings. Today I am officially 38 weeks, 2 days pregnant. So I am nearing the end of this journey and very soon will officially become a mother. This is still very hard for me to comprehend but I feel that I am as best prepared as I can be for the arrival of our new baby. We have everything [& more!] that she will need. I am mentally prepared to sacrifice and devote all of my time and energy to her. I am learning as best as I can how to breastfeed and just care for her in general. But as real as I am trying to make this be, caring for my daughter is still apart of my imagination. Yes, I feel her moving around in my belly all the time. Yes, I talk & sing to her all the time. Yes, I talk about her all the time. But I still have not held her yet... and I really don't know what to expect when she comes. I can't wait for the moment when it all becomes REAL. This may seem kinda silly but despite my aches & pains from pregnancy, I still have my own time. I don't have someone depending on me 24/7 yet... [like someone to feed, change diapers, hold, comfort, bathe, etc. She is depending on me to be born, yes but you get the point...] SO my point is that I am really excited & wish I would go into labor right now! :D It'd only be 12 days early.

Still can't believe how much time has passed and that I am only 12 days away!!!!!! Ahhhh!! Crazyyy!! :D

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